30th May
Purple Reign’s Managing Director offers business advice to accelerate success

Purple Reign’s Managing Director offers business advice to accelerate success

In a highly competitive industry such as sales and marketing, specialists Purple Reign have released a statement on the subject of goal achievement. The firm’s Managing Director Leopold Johnson has explored this concept in his latest report, exploring ways in which he encourages contractors at Purple Reign to exceed their objectives.

A company culture focused on objectives ensures that targets must be made clear to the entire company, including their expectations. Johnson is a strong advocate of leading by example, encouraging his contractors through clear communication. In an industry where 57% of professionals state their leaders don’t offer clear directions, Purple Reign is eager to break the mould.

Providing coaching services is crucial in helping professionals to reach and subsequently exceed their targets argues the firm, and this should be inclusive of developing skills and generating new abilities. A recent survey by Undercover Recruiter found that 54% of those surveyed would value job-specific training – but at the current time were not offered this opportunity. Purple Reign has developed an in-house development programme along with one-to-one mentorship, often run by Johnson himself.

Recognising and evaluating success is a crucial aspect of modifying company culture to ensure objectives continue to be met explores Purple Reign. Researchers found that only 23% stated happiness with their current company’s dedication to their development and growth in their roles.

An essential aspect of a business recognises individual achievements, as all these add to the success of the business. We have a strong focus on personal development which I am eager to continue to focus on in the coming months,” stated Johnson.

Finally, Purple Reign advise recognising achievements within a business, although a seemingly obvious aspect of running a company, Johnson states how this is often an overlooked point. The entrepreneur was shocked to hear that over 30% of professionals changed their employment as they did not feel appreciated, a statistic he is eager to help improve.

Purple Reign is the Nottingham-based direct sales and marketing firm that are leading the industry in the city. The business offers an all-inclusive outsourcing package that includes all aspects of a marketing service ranging from execution to training and market research. The company has a number of high-profile clients across a range of industries and thanks their recent success on a number of campaigns to their vibrant, focused and dynamic brand ambassadors.

Source: https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/reach-company-goals/