13th Mar
Purple Reign turn their focus to further growth after recent company expansion

Purple Reign turn their focus to further growth after recent company expansion

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists Purple Reign have recently expanded to a new city but are already planning further expansion for 2018. The company has detailed how their culture is focused on the mindset of growth, and they will continue to look to the future with large aspirations.


Purple Reign has recently expanded to Nottingham and is seeing tremendous levels of success in the initial weeks of the move. The firm is already planning for further growth over the course of 2018 and is setting their sites on becoming the leading sales and marketing firm in the country.


In relation to their intended growth plans, the firm is excited to increase their number of contractors, in hopes they will be able to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed and become future leaders within the industry. Purple Reign is also planning to expand their portfolio of clients, and is excited to delve into previously unexplored territories with new client industries. The firm is eager to work with clients that can directly correlate with trends in consumer habits.


In preparation for the firm’s internal growth, they have released a statement on crucial aspects to address and consider with aspirations of expansion. A critical element to consider is ensuring your contractor’s personal missions align with that of the company states Purple Reign. A subject close to the core of the company and which they frequently consider during recruitment drives, a quality they state each contractor with the firm currently possesses.


The creation and ability to maintain genuine relationships are essential explores Purple Reign, this can be with contractors, leaders, consumers and clients. The ability to be authentic and transparent in regards to business connections is now essential in the industry, and it breeds respect.


Since their recent expansion Managing Director, Leopold Johnson has consciously developed a company culture based on aspirations and dedication. In reference to the current move, the entrepreneur had to say, “At Purple Reign, we now have a huge group of really fantastic aspiring entrepreneurs, each with a strong work ethic across the company. I’m really excited about the future of Purple Reign and the development of our contractors.”


Purple Reign is consistently looking for dynamic and aspirational young professionals looking to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector. If you feel you fit this profile, you can contact the firm at admin@purple-reign.co.uk


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