30th Aug
Purple Reign shows continued success amongst budding entrepreneurs.

Purple Reign shows continued success amongst budding entrepreneurs.

Nottingham’s dynamic young sales and marketing agency Purple Reign has seen dramatic success over recent months with a number of in-house progressions into leadership and a strong foundation of contractors eager to shape the industry.

Managing Director of Purple Rein, Leopold Johnson has explored the importance of company development, in regards to the business model and contractors alike. The entrepreneur has examined the benefits of creating a culture of continuous learning and is eager to feed the student mentalities present at the company.

1/ Efficiency

Enabling contractors through skill development and an understanding of their customers is crucial to ensuring they remain the best brand ambassadors in the business argues Purple Reign. The firm is passionate about providing their budding entrepreneurs are able to act accordingly and efficiently to situations that arise.

2/ Consistency

A strong business development programme paves the way for ensuring a consistent level of service and provides brand ambassadors with the tools to continually adapt to changing markets.

3/ Pinpoints Weaknesses

Purple Reign understands that addressing weaknesses is crucial in ensuring continued development and improvement, recognising that each individual has personal weaknesses that can be addressed and improved. A substantial programme in place is the key to pinpointing these areas and ensuring more well-rounded brand ambassadors.

4/ Confidence

The final and most pivotal benefit of a strong in-house development programme is the confidence it provides to budding entrepreneurs, enhancing their skill set only breeds their desire to succeed and take on new and exciting challenges in the industry explains Purple Reign.

“After seeing dramatic success with a number of our young brand ambassadors we have realised the importance of sharing our knowledge on the benefits of a business development programme. Here at Purple Reign we’re eager to continue in our success and are excited for Q4 and the remainder of 2018,” declared Leopold Johnson, Managing Director of Purple Reign.

Any individuals wishing to seek experience with a business that cares can reach Purple Reign on email via admin@purple-reign.co.uk

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