22nd Aug
Purple Reign set to Catapult into Q4 with Exciting New Client Acquisition

Purple Reign set to Catapult into Q4 with Exciting New Client Acquisition

Direct sales and marketing specialists Purple Reign are set to head into Q4 in a strong position with the acquisition of an exciting new client in the energy sector.

Purple Reign has acquired a new client in the energy sector, and they are eager to delve into new markets and continue to develop the skill sets of their contractors. The firm’s Managing Director Leopold Johnson has implemented a number of new workshops and seminars in the hopes of expanding the skill sets of their contractors to represent their new client effectively.

In preparation for the development of their contractor’s knowledge on the energy sector, alongside skill expansion for a new demographic, Purple Reign has detailed the benefits of continued learning – a subject close to the heart of the marketing specialists.

An enhanced work ethic: Purple Reign has noted that once contractors have learned a new skill or developed their knowledge on a particular topic, they are eager to put this into practice. A changed mindset on a specific subject subsequently enhances a perspective, reinvigorating the excitement for the sector.

A new skill can promote new ways of thinking: Purple Reign frequently encourages their brand ambassadors to learn through varying methods, ranging from their in-house workshops to podcasts and audiobooks, recognising that variation can provide diverse methods for learning.

New skills can shake up a routine: Many professions rarely shake up their day-to-day routines, yet every day within the sales and marketing sector is varied – skill development helps to enhance this element declares Purple Reign. The company recognises the importance of ensuring complacency is eradicated from business.

“This is a truly exciting time for Purple Reign, we’ve recently been breaking records, and the acquisition of this new client is proof of that hard work. We’re fortunate to have such an excited generation of brand ambassadors with us, who are all hungry to develop their professional skill sets,” declared Leopold Johnson, Managing Director of Purple Reign.

Birmingham’s liveliest event marketing specialists Purple Reign has seen consistent success since their inception and are showing no signs of slowing with the scope to continue to expand their client base in the coming months. The firm is excited to catapult into Q4 in a strong position, ready to beat the competition.

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