19th Jun
Purple Reign return from Industry Seminar Motivated to focus on Leadership

Purple Reign return from Industry Seminar Motivated to focus on Leadership

Nottingham’s dynamic outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Purple Reign have recently returned from a regional leadership seminar motivated to shake up their business and coach young professionals into a position of leadership.


Managing Director, Leopold Johnson took the entirety of Purple Reign, now a twenty person operation to the seminar on 3rd of June, to expose them to a highly coveted industry conference. The business owner has long detailed the importance of taking contractors to such events, introducing them to broader networking circles and expanding their knowledge of the sector through keynote speeches.


Johnson has returned from the event inspired to accelerate the skills of the Purple Reign contractors, ensuring they have the qualities needed to become great industry leaders. The entrepreneur is eager to explore aspects of leadership that appeal to those within his business, exposing it as a tremendous opportunity to expand their experience and progress.


Key points that Johnson has explored in regards to leadership focus on the ability to motivate and inspire professionals at all levels, an aspect the business owner strongly focuses on, encouraging them to contribute to creating a vision for the future; whether this is personally or professionally. Leadership is primarily focused on coaching and building a group of people, one which can often be described as a challenge but an invaluable skill argues Purple Reign.


“Leadership to me means mapping out where your role, or your business needs to go. This can include the coaching of those in your company or develop your own skill set. Leadership is about reaching a goal or objective as a whole, not an individual,” stated Leopold Johnson, Managing Director of Purple Reign.


The firm has recognised that leadership can be hard to define, as it can mean a number of different responsibilities and skills sets to varying people. Purple Reign is eager to provide development across all these areas, focusing on the progression of each individual, their needs and requirements. The business is keen to begin moulding future industry leaders.


Purple Reign has a strong focus on expansion and is looking to further expand their contractor count and offices in the coming months. The firm is consistently seeking to expand their horizons and provide opportunities for those yearning for experience in the sales and marketing sector. Individuals interested in speaking to a member of Purple Reign regarding upcoming opportunities can reach them via email on apply@purple-reign.co.uk

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