23rd Apr
Purple Reign responds to University Study that explores how new experiences boost memory

Purple Reign responds to University Study that explores how new experiences boost memory

Direct sales and marketing specialists Purple Reign are consistently running self-improvement workshops and motivational morning meetings for their driven contractors. The firm has recently delved into research of the effect of new experiences on professional attitudes, encouraging all aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into new adventures.


Purple Reign is passionate about continually seeking ways in which they can improve both as a business and individually, exploring ways this can be incorporated into their company culture. In an industry full of driven individuals who are excited about new experiences the firm is passionate about sharing their research into a study by The University of Edinburgh on memory.


The study, conducted in collaboration with the University of Texas Southwestern and published in the journal Nature has explored the phenomenon known as ‘flashbulb memory’. The study concluded that exciting/attention-grabbing experiences activate certain aspects of the brain to release memory-boosting chemicals. Researchers found that individuals are more inclined to retain information better should something distract their attention before or after the memory has been stored.


Purple Reign is eager to incorporate findings from their study into everyday business at the firm, encouraging their contractors to utilise this as best they can, to accelerate their levels of professionals success. The company is passionate about creating brand ambassadors that can set an example in the industry, eventually inspiring them to become sector leaders.


The firm holds weekly crew nights in which they take their aspiring entrepreneurs out on events and experiences, many of which are a first for individuals at the company. Most recently, Managing Director, Leopold Johnson organised an event away at the Moscow State Circus. The company is passionate about creating opportunities for their aspiring entrepreneurs to bond, enhance teamwork skills and form stronger bonds and relationships.


Purple Reign’s mission is to develop cost-effective approaches that do not impact quality and results. They boast a unique ability to improve customer experience through face to face acquisitions. The ability to demonstrate and answer live queries creates a platform for a well-informed customer, an area in which the firm’s contractors are experienced.