18th Jun
Purple Reign plans to Dominate the Sales and Marketing sector through Growth

Purple Reign plans to Dominate the Sales and Marketing sector through Growth

Nottingham-based direct marketing specialists, Purple Reign have seen excessive success since their inception in 2017. After returning from a regional industry conference last month, Managing Director, Leopold Johnson has recently turned his attention to growing the firm extensively by the end of 2018.


The sales and marketing agency has seen rapid growth over previous months, and now has a group of 20 dedicated brand ambassadors, all of which Johnson took to the recent industry conference aimed at inspiring the young professionals. Johnson has detailed his eagerness at expansion, hopeful to attract more contractors wishing to gain experience within the ever-developing industry.


In preparation for their nationwide expansion, the business owner has released a statement of critical aspects of growth, all of which should be considered by SME’s before evolving into larger enterprises.


Growth is the basis of a future-driven mindset argues Purple Reign. Any entrepreneur should be looking towards emerging trends and developing techniques in order to stay on top of the competition. There are a number of companies that lead the way in their industries through forward-thinking. Uber and Airbnb are prime examples of enterprises that have changed their industries, and Purple Reign is aiming to do so within the sales and marketing sector.


Managing Director, Leopold Johnson has also incorporated aspects that any small business owner can adopt today in preparation for the future, consisting of solving consumer issues with a new outlook, investing in growth opportunities and inspiring contractors.


Johnson is excited to lead the way in this new venture for the agency, hoping to inspire his contractors, understanding that the growth of a business involves all individuals within a company and not just those in leadership positions. Purple Reign has been incorporating details listed above in recent months and has detailed its effectiveness at revolutionising the business. The company is urging other small enterprises to follow their example, exploring that growth is an aspect all business owners should aspire to.


Purple Reign is continually seeking driven, and dynamic young professionals wishing to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector and progress into roles focused on leadership. Any aspiring professionals desiring to hear more about opportunities at Purple Reign can contact the firm via email on apply@purple-reign.co.uk


Source: https://www.inc.com/logan-chierotti/the-key-to-company-growth-never-stop-looking-to-future.html?cid=search