9th Feb
Purple Reign plan nationwide road-trip ahead of business expansion

Purple Reign plan nationwide road-trip ahead of business expansion

Purple Reign is Birmingham’s newest direct sales and marketing firm that are showing impressive signs of progression, with a planned business expansion into another city set to open within the next few weeks. As such, Purple Reign are implementing business aspects and a road-trip now in preparation to ensure a smooth and successful transition into a new city. 

Managing Director, Leopold Johnson is planning a company road-trip to coincide with the opening of the firm’s new office. The focus of the road-trip will be on self-development, training and observation, covering critical cities across the nation. Crucial cities planned within the trip include London and Liverpool. Mr. Johnson has stated “The road-trip is an excellent opportunity for our contractors to remain on target, helping them to master techniques within the industry, and drive their self-development.”  

Purple Reign is excited about the new venture, executing recruitment drives now, and building strong foundations to ensure the new office is a success and helps to pave the way for further expansions during 2018. As such, the firm has released a statement on certain aspects and benefits they believe will come along with the business road-trip to excite and entice their contractors.  

Avoid Routine Burnout: New environments and experiences are designed to avoid the norm, providing exciting new experiences for the firm’s contractors. Business travel offers an opportunity for new skills, to meet new people and learn the habits of a new consumer.  

Development of skills: The ability to adapt to new environments is essential, particularly in the sales and marketing sector. Purple Reign recognise the importance of this, and the opportunities to develop such skills this road-trip will provide.  

Networking opportunities: The transition to new cities provide an excellent advantage when networking and promoting a personal brand, the ability to meet unique individuals from a variety of industries in a new environment is a prime opportunity to network.  

Purple Reign is a young and exciting direct sales and marketing firm looking for dynamic and motivated individuals who would like to become part of the Purple Reign family. The company are looking for contractors looking to begin their entrepreneurial journey if you’re interested contact them via info@purple-reign.co.uk