15th Oct
Purple Reign on a mission to enhance company teamwork amongst UK's disgruntled professionals

Purple Reign on a mission to enhance company teamwork amongst UK’s disgruntled professionals

Nottingham’s leading marketing specialists Purple Reign understand that strong collaboration amongst workers is the driving force behind business success. In response to reports that up to 67% of UK professionals believe their peers and leaders could help them to fulfils their roles more effectively (Social Media Today), the business has dissected the importance of teamwork.

Purple Reign is built on a strong foundation of development and collaboration, and the firm’s Managing Director, Leopold Johnson has released a statement on the importance of this concept in the world of business;

“Teamwork is one of the driving forces behind all of us here at Purple Reign, and we know that as a company we are stronger together when working in harmony. As a core value of our business, I want to encourage other enterprises to build strong levels of teamwork in every way they can, it’s a crucial element of talent acquisition,” declared the managing director.

Researchers have found that businesses with strong communication are up to 50% more likely to have lower levels of talent turnover (ClearCompany), and in response, Purple Reign is eager to encourage sharing the successes of individuals at the firm. Inspiration occurs when professionals see their peers succeed, and are recognised for their achievements. An environment of appreciation inspires productivity amongst teams, argues Purple Reign.

“We’re passionate about ensuring our professionals can all work towards a common goal, and we’re completely transparent in that manner. We actively practice strong communication, with team workshops taking place on a regular basis,” continued the Managing Director. Researchers at HerdWisdom found that a staggering 33% of professionals cited a lack of honest communication was the reason for a negative impact upon morale and poor teamwork; a statistic Purple Reign is eager to dispel.

Purple Reign is Nottingham’s most successful marketing agency, a fact in part down to the focus the firm puts into the development of their professionals argues Johnson.

“We’re lucky enough to have a foundation of committed individuals, so we want to help them in every way we can. We’re consistently looking for people to join our team that can display and eagerness for our industry – in return, we help them to drive their development,” concluded the business owner.

Any aspiring professionals wish to discuss October opportunities available at Purple Reign can reach the company via email on admin@purple-reign.co.uk