27th Apr
Purple Reign launch an investigation into the development and retention of top industry talent

Purple Reign launch an investigation into the development and retention of top industry talent

Direct sales and marketing firm, Purple Reign have seen extensive growth in recent months and as such has turned their focus to the development of the company’s talent.


Purple Reign has detailed the importance of developing their top talent, understanding that their contractors are what separate Purple Reign from other businesses in the industry. The firm has a strong focus on their in-house development programme and has recently launched an investigation into aspects that can shape talent development from world-renowned leaders.


To expand the skill sets and capabilities of their contractor’s many businesses invest in continued development, an aspect that is close to the heart of Purple Reign. As such, the company has conducted an investigation that consults a training platform and interviews with individuals in leadership roles to discover learning trends that lend themselves well to talent development.


The investigation found a customised learning experience in developing contractors to the best of their abilities is essential. Purple Reign understands that individuals boast varying learning styles, offering coaching that is personable to the individual has direct positive effects on a professional’s skill set and attitude towards the business.


Purple Reign understands that learning is a dual responsibility that is why the firm often runs seminars and workshops across the company to focus on industry trends, skill strategies and similar subjects to provide contractors with practical information. The firm is hopeful that their contractors will put such practices into the experience through their working days.


A company spokesperson has released a statement on the subject, “We understand that our contractors are the driving force behind our target for excellence.” The spokesperson continued “Purple Reign are passionate about the development of our aspiring entrepreneurs and are continually seeking to improve our processes in this area.”


Purple Reign has a pool of strong aspiring entrepreneurs that boast impressive skill sets and aspirations to exceed in the sales and marketing industry. The firm is continually looking for young professionals that are seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector, with a company that has a strong focus on their talent development.


Should you feel this opportunity sounds applicable, Purple Reign can be contacted on admin@purple-reign.co.uk


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