22nd Jan
Purple Reign excited for growth expansion Across the UK

Purple Reign excited for growth expansion across the UK

Birmingham based sales and marketing firm Purple Reign is starting the New Year how it wishes to continue, preparing for an expansion of their services across the UK. As such, the firm has released a statement on the importance of growth within the business and how it is preparing for this new venture.   

Despite its recent inception, Purple Reign has been taking the industry by storm, from its native office in the Midlands the firm is planning an exciting expansion to another major UK city. Purple Reign is excited about the expansion that is set to open mid-February. The firm is in the process of training contractors ahead of the opening next month, to ensure it kicks off with a healthy workforce.  

Managing Director, Leopold Johnson states “We’re excited about this growth, and the further opportunities it will present to Purple Reign and our dedicated and dynamic contractors”. As such, the firm has detailed vital aspects it is considering before the opening, to ensure it begins this journey in the most active position possible.   

Be open to adaption: The firm recognises the importance of adaptability, the ability to change the industry as the company grows and develops. Purple Reign advises all corporations seeking expansion to monitor various strategies that will aid in the growth of a business.  

Keep customer experience a priority: Purple Reign understands that the sales and marketing industry relies heavily on the customer experience, it frequents this as essential throughout its motivational morning meetings and seminars. The company is eager to ensure the expansion does not negatively affect its consumer base, but only increases their experience.  

Choose the right workforce: The firm is currently in the process of ensuring its contractors are up to the challenge this new venture will bring. Purple Reign advises companies to provide the professionals involved in expansions are well equipped, with innovative ideas and the correct level of communication.  

Purple Reign is excited for the rest of 2018 with hopes of further expansion in the near future and a variety of travelling opportunities for its contractors. The company is hopeful its success will continue and is excited about the possibilities this expansion will bring over the next eleven months.  


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/283375