10th Jan

Purple Reign discuss the development of AI and the effect this will have on the sales and marketing industry.

In an ever-changing and technologically advancing society, Birmingham based sales and marketing firm Purple Reign are urging companies to look to the world of artificial intelligence and what it can provide in forms of advancement in business.
Use AI to complement, not replace: Purple Reign are excited about the future of technology and advise that it should be used as a way to enhance business practices, not to replace all individuals. Recent research has found that along with improved production comes the ability and opportunity for further young professionals. Purple Reign advises companies to adapt AI technologies to improve areas of business and provide aid to individuals.

Education: Purple Reign detail how the advancement of innovation comes with the opportunity for education within the field, although not essential to learn high-level technical knowledge, the firm discuss that ensuring a company is educated at primary level is a commercial aspect to clients and consumers, showing they are staying ahead of the curve. A recent study found that 83% of those individuals surveyed, viewed the development of AI as an opportunity for business expansion.
Create new roles: Purple Reign respond to claims that the development of new technologies will have more of a beneficial effect upon job roles, rather than widely spread rumours of the opposite. The firm advised that along with the latest technologies, individuals will be required to monitor and adapt said technology. The firm detail how these new roles will be essential, creating a massive opportunity for expansion.

Invest in AI research: Although artificial intelligence has come leaps and bounds in recent years, it is still in its infancy, and as such tremendous advancements are being made yearly. However, this should only entice other companies to research into the benefits it can have upon their industry. Purple Reign explore how many forward-thinking businesses are showing investment in technologies, having dramatic effects on profits and sales.
In a world where the focus of popular culture is around the comment of the development of AI in such dystopian television programmes, Purple Reign are urging other sales and marketing firms to use this development to their advantage, to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.