27th Aug
Purple Reign Capitalises on Nottingham's Pop-up Beach to Enhance Company Culture

Purple Reign Capitalises on Nottingham’s Pop-up Beach to Enhance Company Culture

Purple Reign has organised a company trip to one of the hottest beaches in Europe without leaving Nottingham City Centre. The firm’s Managing Director Leopold Johnson has recognised the city’s latest pop-up event as a great way to contribute to the company’s booming culture.

Nottingham’s latest pop-up event in the heart of the city is a beach comprised of 300 tonnes of sand with awnings and heaters to replicate the hot sands of Barcelona. The system replicates the heat of Europe in the summer and has enough power to heat Real Madrid’s Bernabéu Stadium. The pop-up is set to be installed until early September this year and is a regular event that makes an appearance in Nottingham each year. The event also boasts an eclectic mix of activities ranging from photo booths, souvenir stores, and an exclusive Ping-Pong table, alongside thrilling rides and street food stalls.

Managing Director Leopold Johnson is eager to use this exciting pop up in the city centre as a chance to play into the firm’s booming company culture. Purple Reign is no secret to the development of their environment, having organised frequent crew away days focused on team building activities such as Laser Quest.

“I am passionate about ensuring each and every one of our contractors feels valued and comfortable at Purple Reign. I think it’s essential that everyone at our business gets on well and is able to socialise both in and outside of the company. Taking the crew to the Nottingham beach has proved incredibly valuable, even when the weather hasn’t been as kind to us,” declared Leopold Johnson, Managing Director of Purple Reign.

The business explores how such events as the Nottingham Beach help to build a business that has strong foundations, creating a culture where every contractor feels comfortable in their environment. This business is looking forward to the coming months which will see new events and opportunities enter the Nottingham scene, eager to continue to expose the firm’s professionals to similar events.

Purple Reign is Nottingham’s brightest direct marketing agency, run by business owner and entrepreneur Leopold Johnson. The business owner is eager to continue the development of the firm’s company culture programme, understanding this is what drives retention, acquisition and ultimate business success.

Source: https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/whats-on/the-nottingham-beach-2018-p454111