27th Feb
Purple Reign attends an industry seminar and discusses progression in the sales and marketing sector

Purple Reign attends an industry seminar and discusses progression in the sales and marketing sector

Purple Reign, the latest firm to join to sales and marketing scene in the city of Birmingham has returned from an industry conference with extensive plans for the future. The company has seen widespread success since their inception in 2017, and after a weekend networking with industry experts, managing director Leopold Johnson is excited about the coming months.


The company attended an industry seminar last weekend with a focus on developing the Purple Reign brand, to continue their recent success. The firm’s managing director discussed the subject of progression within the industry, leadership roles, and their business development programme.


Purple Reign has active business development programme aimed at progressing the skills and knowledge of their contractors. The company holds frequent seminars and meetings for their young professionals, based on the improvement of their skill set and industry knowledge.


The firm is responding to a recent study by CB Insights that found that over 10% of startup businesses fail due to entrepreneurs losing focus, and up to 30% fail due to business owners reporting emotional and psychological struggles of the business world. As such, Purple Reign has a number of critical areas they wish to focus on to help their contractors, in regards to the progression of their entrepreneurial journeys and development within the firm to ensure professional success and provide support where possible.


Maximising strengths: Recognising areas that an individual does well, and looking for ways to further improve these skills; to develop a mastery is essential within the sales and marketing industry states Purple Reign.


Attention to areas of growth: Contrastingly, the company similarly recognises the importance of the understanding regions for improvement, areas an individual struggles with in order to develop and redefine their skill level. The ability to improve and a drive to improve is a crucial ingredient within any aspiring entrepreneur.


Managing stress and anxiety: The firm is eager to encourage communication as part of dealing with a common occurrence of anxiety; the company similarly encourages the practice of mindfulness activities.


Networking and relationship skills: Purple Reign detail how a strong focus on professional growth will come along with improved personable relationships, the confidence to network effectively, teamed with the skill development provided by Purple Reign will result in the initiation of productive business relationships.


Purple Reign is excited about the future with a new office opening in Nottingham within the next couple of weeks the firm will continue to focus on their business development programme and progression for their contractors.


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