1st Mar
Purple Reign acquire a new client that plays into current consumer trends.

Purple Reign acquire a new client that plays into current consumer trends.

Newly expanded direct sales and marketing firm, Purple Reign has seen immeasurable success in the initial months of 2018. As such, the company’s trend continues with the acquisition of a new luxury subscription based client.


Purple Reign is excited for a client that will see their contractors push boundaries and delve into new territories to challenge their skill set. The firm is excited to begin working with a new client that will help them to expand their consumer base, and for their contractors to represent the client with high levels of expertise and enthusiasm.


The firm recognises how consumers are looking for such retail options that offer subscription services, discounts, and free aspects of the uncertain current economic climate. Purple Reign acknowledges the importance of educating their contractors on current consumer trends, by offering them training and mentoring in such areas to help them better understand the retail market. The firm’s business development programme plays into this by giving their professionals the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, with a strong focus on understanding varying demographics.


Recent research published by Hitwise noted that one in every 300 searches online contains a bargain hunting keyword such as ‘sale’, ‘deal’ or ‘discount’. Research continued to find that of those one in every 300, interestingly 60% were female, almost 50% have a university degree and over a third have a six-figure salary. Purple Reign detail how this research proves the overall need for such subscription-based services that offer discounts.


Purple Reign detail how other companies should not ignore consumer trends, such as demand and need for a deal on purchases. Purple Reign explore how they are continually listening to their consumers, using this to mold their sales and marketing techniques.  The firm is leading the way in the industry and has just expanded to Nottingham. The company has thanked this in part due to their committed contractors, eagerness to learn and high levels of customer service.


Purple Reign offer an all-inclusive outsourcing package that takes care of everything from design and execution, recruitment, training and market research.



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