11th Oct
'Nottingham is the best place for Startups', declares Purple Reign.

‘Nottingham is the best place for Startups’, declares Purple Reign.

Purple Reign is Nottingham’s leading direct marketing agency, and in the light of the local business awards held at the beginning of the year, the firm is reflecting on entrepreneurship in their community and the future of their native city.

Purple Reign is proud to work in the entrepreneurial community of Nottingham. The firm’s strategy to grow over the next 18 months into new markets was one of the primary reasons they chose the city to base the brand in Nottingham.  The Nottingham Post Business Awards 2018 allows businesses to showcase their contribution to a thriving local economy.  Organisers are keen to encourage start-ups to consider Nottingham for their central base as the city welcomes an influx of SME’s over the past few years.

The Business Awards were built from a tradition in which The Post awarded a Nottinghamshire Company of the Year honour, a title now in its 31st year. The awards evening is an event for the city to celebrate enterprise, entrepreneurship and growth in the area. With a wide range of new businesses entering each year it demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

In a recent interview, Purple Reign’s Managing Director was quoted as saying, “we are proud to work amongst such entrepreneurial talent, with businesses in the area boosting the economy it is easy to see why Nottingham is the best place for business enterprise. We are looking forward to developing more young entrepreneurs in the area to reach their potential through our proven business development program.”

Purple Reign support entrepreneurship in the community, as they offer an unrivalled opportunity for anyone looking to accelerate their career in marketing. Through a proven program, individuals can upskill, develop and become recognised in the industry as a leader and pioneer in developing high return, low investment campaigns that suit brands big and small.

Purple Reign is the Nottingham-based direct sales and marketing agency run by the serial entrepreneur, Leopold Johnson. The business owner has recently shifted focus to maximising the growth and success of the business, eager to share his wealth of experience of the industry with aspiring business owners.

He is extending his reach to all entrepreneurs looking to take on a new challenge and accelerate their career in marketing, all that are interested are encouraged to reach out through the companies contact page http://www.purple-reign.co.uk/#contact, and a member of the office team will be in touch.

Source: https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/business/nottingham-great-breeding-ground-start-1149038