20th Jul
Incentives Remain at the core of Purple Reign argues Managing Director

Incentives Remain at the core of Purple Reign argues Managing Director

Purple Reign’s Managing Director, Leopold Johnson has recently released a statement on the importance of incentives within their business model after a recent study conducted by The Incentive Research Foundation proves that adequately constructed incentives can increase performance by as much as 44%.


Johnson has been running a number of incentives over recent months, consisting of allowing contractors at the firm to finish early on match days during the highly publicised 2018 World Cup. The entrepreneur then took the entire business out to watch England play as a regular crew night. Johnson is eager to continue their trend of regular evenings out for goal achievement, whether this is to the newest restaurants in the Nottingham area or something with a more competitive edge, such as Laser Quest.


Researchers at The Incentive Research Foundation found that programmes focused on incentivising professionals had numerous benefits, including boosting performance in the range from 25% to 45%.


The study concluded that to improve performance ultimately, incentives must be implemented and monitored, an aspect Purple Reign supports. The firm is advising other SMEs to look to incentives and rewards as a team, ultimately maximising performance and motivation. Purple Reign frequently uses this tactic to encourage drive at the company, as researchers found this to be the most effective form of incentivising individuals.


Business Owner, Leopold Johnson is eager to continue to attract quality contractors, understanding that building a strong reward culture is crucial to this aspiration. Researchers continued to find that organisations that offered such programmes were much more inclined to retain top talent, and attract new generations of motivated professionals over other businesses.


Purple Reign is the Nottingham-based direct sales and marketing firm ran by serial entrepreneur, Leopold Johnson. The business is built around contractor satisfaction, and the business owner is keen to put back into their professional lives through incentives, rewards, and commitment. Purple Reign is eager to continue to build their professional network with individuals wishing to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector.


Any individuals wishing to discuss current opportunities can reach the company via email on admin@purple-reign.co.uk or via their social media.


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