Our mission is to develop cost-effective approaches that do not impact quality and results. Our unique ability to improve customer experience through face to face acquisitions and advertising. The ability to demonstrate and answer live questions creates a fantastic platform for a well-informed customer equipped with a strong understanding of how to get the best results using your products or services.

Purple Reign offer an all-inclusive outsourcing package that takes care of everything from design and execution, recruitment, training and market research.


Why people are outsourcing

With overheads ever rising, on-site sales can be costly on resources. By hiring the experts, the one-stop shop allows brands to benefit from tried and tested approaches. Location-specific campaigns ensure targeted campaigns are a complete success. Business growth is essential for a healthy economy, and here at Purple Reign, we are confident in our ability to offer businesses the chance to increase their market share and boost profit margins. Nottingham offers a diverse range of people who boast unique talents, and we can screen and build a database of representatives from which to develop specific ground teams to compliment specific brand visions.

Key benefits of outsourcing include low investment and high return rates, improved customer retention rates and lower overheads. Our campaigns would suit brands looking for both long-term and seasonal strategies. The active campaigns suit businesses from all sectors.

Confident in our ability to impress, we offer a guaranteed results package.

How we can help you build your customer base

The initial free consultation will allow us to determine:

  • What kind of qualities do you want your customers to associate with your business?
  • What core messages do you want to convey to your audience?
  • What is the mission of your business?
  • What makes your business different from the competition?

We will then have an excellent understanding of your brand and precisely how we could best represent you. We would also take time to identify any gaps in current strategies to ensure the new approaches have all areas covered.

With a thorough understanding of existing processes, we can set to work on developing your unique, engaging campaign. We hand pick your team of brand ambassadors matching their personalities and values to complement those of the brand. We will conduct product training and testing before anyone takes your brand to the market. And comprehensive live market research will be provided to ensure the maximum impact is achieved.