30th Sep
"We're focusing on huge growth over the next few months" declares Purple Reign

“We’re focusing on huge growth over the next few months” declares Purple Reign

Purple Reign is Nottingham’s small enterprise with big growth plans, as the firm takes on the challenge of a new client, Managing Director, Leopold Johnson is looking to extreme growth over the coming months.

Leopold Johnson has defined the importance of business growth, why he is focused on it and what he plans to do for Purple Reign across Q4 of 2018. The Managing Director has long been focused on growth and is eager to make this a core objective of 2019, as such the entrepreneur has explored elements that must be considered when aiming for growth. He is hopeful aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners will take these on board.

Fresh Talent / Growth brings opportunities for further talent acquisition argues Purple Reign, this provides companies with fresh perspectives and new ideas. New individuals can help to contribute to the camaraderie aspect of a business, helping to add to further success.

Relocation Possibilities / Business travel remains a core value at Purple Reign, and with growth comes more extensive opportunities to explore other customer demographics and cultures through travel across the nation.

Broader Customer Base / Purple Reign recognises that with more clients acquired through growth brings larger audiences. Expansion can also help to improve sales and position a business well in the mind of various demographics.

Considerations / “Businesses seeking to expand must consider a number of aspects, why they are doing so and what they are aiming for etc. A defined reason for growth with help enterprises to reap the rewards of success that they’re seeking” declared Leopold Johnson, Managing Director of Purple Reign.

Purple Reign is the Nottingham-based direct sales and marketing agency run by serial entrepreneur, Leopold Johnson. The business owner has recently shifted focus to maximising the growth and success of the business, eager to share his wealth of experience of the industry with aspiring business owners.

Purple Reign is endeavouring to expand their foundation of brand ambassadors as they look to grow over the coming months. Any individuals wishing to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector can reach the business via email on apply@purple-reign.co.uk

Source: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-expanding-business-21144.html